Sustainable future for all
The project supported by UEFA Foundation for Children allows the organization to continue its core skill developmental activities on and off the pitch. Besides the delivery of regular football trainings, the organization of Fair Play Football Tournaments and the participation in national and international tournaments, OSA can support 3 athletes with a scholarship, continue the English and Hungarian language support and launch the social coach training. Furthermore, various thematic workshops are designed to support the academic and employment achievement of the athletes as well as to empower and support advocacy skills of both female and male players.

Leadership in sport youth camp 2023
The Visegrad Fund supported project is implemented by an extended Visegrad 4 cooperation. With old, Czech and Polish, and new, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Macedonian partners a five days long summer camp will be implemented in 2023 in Montenegro, where leadership skills of the next generation will be addressed through sport based non-formal learning activities.

Streetchild Cricket World Cup
2023 October – India
The Street Child Cricket World Cup India 2023 will be the second following the success of Cambridge/London 2019, which included a final held at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
The event will bring street-connected young people from across the world together to take part in a cricket tournament, a festival of arts and advocate for their rights and protection through a child-focussed Congress and General Assembly.
Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the SCCWC will give the most vulnerable children across the globe the chance to represent their countries and tell the world:
I am somebody.
At the world competition in October 2023, Hungary will be represented by a team of 4 girls and 4 boys.

GAIA project
Environmental issues are a general concern all over the world, as they affect the daily lives of each one of us. The relationship between human beings and nature is a notion that has existed in all civilisations since time began.
Sport is not isolated from this. Be it as a basic physical activity during leisure time or a high-level competition, sport constitutes a central element of society. The project aims to create a strong awareness, spread the utilization of good governance and sustainability actions. In fact, sport presents broad opportunities to promote environmental awareness, capacity building and far-reaching actions for environmental, social and economic development across society.
After the training, discussion forums will be set up with participants and stakeholders in order to develop Guidelines for Sustainable Sport Governance, articulated in various dimension per thematic field. The Guidelines will be the basis for the establishment of a “Good governance and Sustainability network” and they will include a complete set of principles to follow to ensure the creation of a sustainable and transparent organization structure, co-created directly by the final users.

Team Up for Ukraine
The funds raised from the 1% donations of professional footballers who have joined the Common Goal initiative will be used by our Association to help Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Hungary to escape the Ukrainian-Russian war that broke out on 24 February 2022. We will support refugees arriving in our country and young people from third countries who have also been forced to leave Ukraine to successfully integrate into society, providing them with administrative, health, housing, educational and mental health assistance, as well as the opportunity to participate in regular football training.

DIALECT 2 “Combating youth raDIcalizAtion: Building communities of toLEranCe combining fooTball with media and digital literacy” having a twofold aim, combining the power of sports and football in specific, with media literacy. With the proliferation of mass media and social media information nowadays, a pursue to raise the critical thinking and self-determination of adolescents, whose identity construction is overlapping between offline and online interactions, seems more needed than ever. An aspect that was particularly raised during the pandemic as well.
Within the framework of the project aim is to train adolescents, football3 mediators and trainers in related areas, so that youngsters could take informed decisions, breaking existing stereotypes (ex. female and disabled athletes) and racial discrimination (ex. under- representing ethnic minorities) and responding to societal challengers, countering intolerant beliefs and attitudes both inside and outside the football court. In the long-term, those informed adolescents will act as agents of change addressing manifestations of racism and xenophobia at community level, promoting their resilience.
DIALECT 2 aims to enhance, through specific activities:
• the critical thinking and resilience of adolescents to extremist values and
• the capacities of mediators & trainers (sports professionals, coaches, CSOs) on building media and digital literacy skills of adolescents through football3.

Nemecsek Sport Project
Under the name of Nemecsek Sport Hintalovon Foundation, together with the Equal Opportunities Committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, launched a child protection program in 2021. The aim of the project is to esteblish a widespread cooperation for the protection of children in the field of sport. We are honored to have been invited to the Advisory Board. The two-monthly panels aim to draw up a new child protection directive that takes into account the views of all those involved in sport and can make the world of sport safer for children.

2021.03.01. – 2023.03.01.
The overall aim of the project is to develop training tools for youth workers, coaches and other professionals to improve the labor market opportunities of marginalized young people (NEETS: 14-29- year-old young people not in education, training, inactive in the labor market) through the channel of sports. During the program, we prepare training materials, research good practices, and establish an international network of youth workers. In addition, given our previous experience in the field, the Romanian project promoter entrusted our organization with the monitoring and evaluation of the program.
Our partners In the two-year long Erasmus + program: Complexul Cultural Sportiv Studentesc Tei (Romania), Unio de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (Spain), Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom).

Score for Respect project
The “Score for Respect” project focuses on the physical and mental well-being of refugees and on their integration in society. To this end, Oltalom Sport Association organises on and off the pitch activities, including football trainings and tournaments, language classes, social workers’ support and employability traings. We provide scholarship programs to help them continue their education and get the tools their need to find a job Through non formal education methods, OSE aims at improving the social connections and establishing a dialogue between refugees and host community.