2021.03.01. – 2023.03.01.
The overall aim of the project is to develop training tools for youth workers, coaches and other professionals to improve the labor market opportunities of marginalized young people (NEETS: 14-29- year-old young people not in education, training, inactive in the labor market) through the channel of sports. During the program, we prepare training materials, research good practices, and establish an international network of youth workers. In addition, given our previous experience in the field, the Romanian project promoter entrusted our organization with the monitoring and evaluation of the program.
Our partners In the two-year long Erasmus + program: Complexul Cultural Sportiv Studentesc Tei (Romania), Unio de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (Spain), Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom).
Here to stay project

The Here to Stay projects aims to create an environment in which youth development and increase their awarness and the youth work is capable of claiming through the use of sport. To determine and create that civic space in which the young people can find their freedom, acceptance, equality and openess. By claiming civic space for youth the project envision three ways on European youth and youth work. Firstly, an increase in youth participation and civic engagement. Secondly, we will provide youth with a voice to speak up about their dreams, passions, and goals. Thirdly, we aim to inspire young people and youth workers to actually claim a civic space, organisations in their own environment, leading to an increase of youth-led initiatives. To reach this aim the way through the sport and football.

At a time when hate speech is a fact and the intersection between politics and football is leading mostly adolescents to extremist political parties and to racism, a shift in the use of football, as a means to promote solidarity is more than ever imperative.
DIALECT (Disrupting polarIsAtion: buiLding communitiEs of toleranCe through fooTball) project aims to bring together youth in four European countries, i.e. Greece, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, using football as a powerful tool to promote human rights and combat intolerance and xenophobia.
It will succeed in doing so by promoting community building through football and by forming a powerful network of change, bringing together adolescents, their parents, local sports professionals and pioneer football players. This way, the programme will bring changes in the local communities and promote the values of acceptance of others and solidarity.
Through this cooperation scheme, the ultimate goal is to play football in a different way, spreading the message of “Football for All: making extreme discourses irrelevant” and disseminating the principles of equality and active citizenship.
By playing community-building football, DIALECT will create poles of understanding in local level, empowering adolescents and youth to practice on their conflict resolution skills and promoting social cohesion through the developed capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other local entities.

Score for Respect project
The “Score for Respect” project focuses on the physical and mental well-being of refugees and on their integration in society. To this end, Oltalom Sport Association organises on and off the pitch activities, including football trainings and tournaments, language classes, social workers’ support and employability traings. We provide scholarship programs to help them continue their education and get the tools their need to find a job Through non formal education methods, OSE aims at improving the social connections and establishing a dialogue between refugees and host community.