Our 2016 activities in figures

We offered 820 hours of training, 470 times for 366 athletes, at 2 new, altogether 5 venues, on a weekly basis. When needed, we provided sports clothes and shoes for our players. Our trainings were delivered in rented sports facilities and outdoor community pitches with the constant participation of our qualified coaches and social workers.

Our football team took part in 15 domestic and 14 international tournaments in total, as well as in 8 international mobility programs.
We travelled 62 days with 119 participants and reached 13 countries of the world. All our players gathered positive experiences, which not only make their present more complete but affect their future as well. Lots of these young people had even not left their home-town before. Now, thanks to their hard work and perseverance, they became part of Oltalom Associaton’s most important mission, which is to show them the greatness and diversity of the world. We are convinced that these trips broaden our youth’s intellectual horizon, enrich their self-image and personality, strengthen their tolerance towards other people and multiply their motivation to learn foreign languages.
We organised our own championship serial, the Fair Play Football Roadshow in 2016 for the 5th time at 9+1 venues, (4 places abroad) where altogether more than 50 teams competed, with more than 800 participants.
We attended the Homeless Word Cup for the 11th time, our team was placed the 6th!
We launched 2 new services: our players can attend individualized jobseekers’ consultation, our beginner and intermediate English groups have also started.