The greatest international grassroots football event of the world that our men’s team attended for the 12th time this year. We achieved our best result of the past 11 years in this challenge competition in 2016: our team was ranked the 6th! This championship is always a great experience for our players. They are playing in front of a huge audience and they can compare their strength with footballers of 16 countries. Eight footballers, who regularly took part in our trainings and in the events of Fair Play Football Roadshow, travel to the Homeless World Cup with two attendants. The three-month-long, intensive preparation period before the championship with four trainings a week mean tremendous challenge both for coaches and players, but luckily our efforts pay off since, in terms of stamina, we are year by year comparable with the best of the world.
The Homeless World Cup of 2017 is held in Oslo between August 29th and September 5th. We are sharing the news of this event with our fans on our webpage and Facebook page.