András Rákos
András grew up in Hungary and Egypt and became a social worker. He started his career in an orphanage then moved on to manage a refugee and homeless shelter in Budapest. He was working as a social worker with homeless people when he organized a team of 8 youths from the shelter where he worked, and decided to take them to Cape Town to the Homeless World Cup. During the tournament in Africa he realised that football has more power to encourage hopeless people than anything else he had seen before. From that point he is a committed fan of the method of social skills development of people on the margin of society through football.

Anna Balogi
Anna is a sociologist by profession and currently a PhD student of sociology at Corvinus University of Budapest. She did much research on vulnerable groups (e.g. homeless, segregated Roma and refugees) and also did evaluation studies on programs designed for them. Since she is a very practical person, instead of an academic career she was looking for a place where her work could have a real impact. She is a founding member of OSA and also the head of the badminton department. She is passionate about outdoor sports. After various experiences abroad, she re-joined OSA in 2015 as an international coordinator being in charge of international projects and project applications.

Henrietta Gyetvai-Gieszinger
She graduated as a social worker at the University of Szeged. She has been working with homeless people at Oltalom Charity Society for 10 years, earlier she had been working with children as a family supporter for 3 years. As a social worker she joined Oltalom Sports Association 2 years ago and she is also employed by the social office of Oltalom Charity Society. Heni has various jobs at OSA: she takes part in trainings and events (even as a player for almost a year), keeps in touch with players – and with their families and schools if they are children – and with other experts, too. If there is a problem she supports them in solving it and she involves our players in other services of our association (language teaching, job counselling and training). She also does a lot of paperwork, she organises events, delivers trainings and assists Fair Play Football Roadshow as a Fair Play Football mediator.
As a goalkeeper she is a member of the girls’ team of the association. “As a player I have experienced that teamsport – and consequently football, too – has a preserving and community developing power. The experiences I gather as a team player motivate me in my everyday work. Work done in team greatly develops the individuals’ communicative, conflict resolving and problem-solving skills and thus assists the whole team to achieving a better result. A good-spirited training/community can offer an appealing alternative for anyone to loafing around in the streets.”

Zsolt Pocsai
Zsolt is the guy who has done a little bit of everything. He played football for six years in Budafok Sport Club in his teens, also played table tennis and badminton for years. He studied screenwriting, worked in book trade, landscape architecture and advertisement. He has always found it easy to work with kids. Presently he is a social worker and assistant coach at OSA, his tasks include basically everything: delivering trainings, driving, recruitment, organizing Fair Play Football events and acting as a Fair Play mediator. He plans to launch the running department at OSA.
Besides, he works in Oltalom Charity Society’s homeless shelter.

András Szalay
It was as a leader of the tendering team at Oltalom Charity Society that his work connected to Oltalom Sports Association. However, he found himself in closer relations with OSA when writing a winning project application titled IRIS in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport. He is managing freshly submitted project applications and projects under implementation especially with regard to their financial planning and reporting. „This job can be done efficiently only if one identifies with the social goals of OSA, which is quite easy for me. Assisting the social inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups, especially that of the young is an elevating experience. I hope to write successful project applications in the near future and to implement domestic and international cooperative projects.”

János Bibó
He joined OSA in the spring of 2015. Before, for more than ten years, he had been teaching English as a foreign language to employees of various companies and he tried himself in public education, too (in a primary school) for a short time. He is mainly in charge of the (English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English) translation of the different materials connected to international projects and project applications and he is assisting in the activities of international partner meetings.
„OSA is an inspiring workplace for me where I can work with both morally and professionally committed people on interesting and instructive projects. My goal is to assist the projects in achieving the most, while learning a lot and establishing valuable human relations.”