We make the lives of (socially) disadvanteged adults and children more complete with the help of football. Our regular trainings offer opportunities for people living in deep poverty, for the homeless, for refugee youth and for those living in correctional facilities to shape their lives with the help of sport and our complementary social services (e.g. job-seekers’ assistance, language teaching, etc.)
Maintaining the regular trainings is program highlight for OSA since reliability and regularity are the most important values that we intend to convey to our athletes. Socially sensitive trainers deal with our athletes at the trainings in coopeartion with football-skilled, active social workers, who also attend the trainings.

Presently we offer trainings at 3 places:

  • Open training: on Margit Island in the summer and in an indoor sports hall (Pázmány Péter University in the winter).
  • Closed trainings:
    -In a local elementary school.
    -In a local girl’s juvenile detention correctional center.

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