After taking part in various national and international championships and after gathering extensive experience there it became clear for us that not only social groups dropping behind struggle with serious problems but Hungarian football itself, too. Rows and scandals outnumber noble games and splendid goals. Physical atrocities and brusque fouls are frequent between opponents and even within the teams, as well. We do not approve of this tendency at all. Our mission is to lead this sport back to its original ideas that it would again be about sport, game, team, accepting each other and about union. Let sport be the field where nationality, colour, ethnicity and religious affiliation do not count.
As we were continuously searching for new and innovative opportunities which make our work more efficient we were invited to the network of streetfootballworld as a result of one of our earlier projects. This global organisation connects associations which are, with the help of sport, working on the integration of social groups that are dropping behind. We got to know the “football3” method here, which quickly proved for our players and coaches that without the referee and his whistle, with trained mediators and jointly formed rules the unique power of football can be more easily experienced. Besides, football3 is suitable for mildening prejudices, reducing discrimination and fostering cooperation between the teams meeting on the pitch.
During the Fair Play Football Roadshow, which was launched by our association in 2012, we apply this method and endeavour to help the formation of the bases of peaceful coexistence in more and more local communities.