We bring people, coming from different social classes and layers together on the football pitch – a place flavoured by many – in our own contest serial, named fair play football roadshow that we organise for the eights time already in 2019. At the matches of our transborder event serial we build bridges between participants of local life (such as local councils, policemen, local clubs and teams of disadvantaged communities) and between social groups in presumed or real conflict with each other by the teams’ act of forming the rules of their games with democratic dialogue so that once they leave the pitch they could take the spirit of co-operative community with themselves into their everyday life.
During the matches of the Fair Play Roadshow we apply a special, a so-called football3 system of rules. This means that there is no referee on the pitch he/she is replaced by socially sensitive mediators who know football3 rules very well and help the teams to discuss and form the rules of the matches together. Each and every fair gesture and deed deserve their own point, the fair play winner of the contests is the team the members of which collected the most fair play points. Each year, the Roadshow serial is closed by a gala the winner of which is awarded the title of „The Year’s Fairest Player”.