If you would like to donate money to our association, please send your donations to the following bank account number:

Oltalom Sports Association
15 Dankó utca Budapest 1086, Hungary
Account number (IBAN): HU45 10400140-00026702-00000003
Our bank’s name and address:
K&H Bank Zrt.
9 Lechner Ödön fasor, Budapest 1095
Currency: HUF

To help the most people possible we both welcome financial and in-kind donations.
Things which we constantly need:
Football shoes (both for indoor and outdoor pitches)
Goalkeeper’s gloves
Sports clothes for trainings (male, female, children’s)
Ordinary and marking strips
Shin pads and sport socks
Sports equipment (footballs, goals, etc.)
Football bags
Travelling bags (for trips abroad)
In our championships and training camps we can use: mineral water, sport drinks,cereal bars,etc.
Football accessories: marking and training buoys, etc.
Washing machine for washing strips
Bicycle for coaches for running trainings
More information on:

5 tips for donors:
-Give such things you yourself would be happy with.
-Please note the expiry date if you are donating food or drinks.
-On packs of clothes donations we welcome indication of the size and gender.
-Time is a valuable donation itself: we regularly need the assistance of volunteers. See details below.
-Managing non-usable donations may mean extra work and costs for us. We thank you if you note that.

What would it be enough for?
-5000 HUF covers the travel costs and food for one of our players in a national competition.
-20 000 HUF enables us to teach English to one disadvantaged youth for a month
-40 000 HUF is enough for providing the sports clothes and equipment for one disadvantaged child for a whole season.
-With 80 000 HUF we can buy a washing machine with which we can wash strips after matches.
-Approx. 100 000 HUF finances the trip and equipment of one national player to an international contest.
– We use approx. 170 000 HUF to provide food and beverages for all of the teams at a Fair Play event.
-1 200 000 EUR would help us to a breakthrough by letting us buy a site near our seat in Dankó street, Budapest and enabling us to turn it into a community space wher we could provide free sporting opportunities and community activities for anyone who is ready and open for it.