Why fair play?

Our method is suitable for
– resolution of discrimination, stereotypes and social conflicts
– involvement, recreation and integration of disadvantaged social groups who are dropping behind
– assisting integration of excluded social groups
– promoting dialogue and cooperation between groups who are in conflict with each other
Fair Play Football Roadshow is the only sport-event serial in Hungary the name of which truly expresses the very reality of the event serial. In our championship serial – organised by our association – diverse social groups – being in actual or presumed conflict with each other and coming from different layers of society – can cooperate with each other due to the special rules of the game. When they leave the pitch, they take the spirit of unprejudiced and cooperative coexistence into their everyday life.
Besides (sports)achievements, the Roadshow offers relaxation, recreation and experiences for the underprivileged youth of OSA for whom common dinners and lunches, visits to zoos and spa resorts both in the Hungarian countryside or abroad as well as other programs mean the only experience in their everyday life, last for a lifetime and seriously shape our players lives.
We succeeded in involving a great number of young refugee athletes in our trainings and our events. We managed to establish close and long-term cooperation with more than one of the participating local disadvantaged teams offering them support and opportunities to play. In trans-border settlements, inhabited by Hungarians, our tournaments take place in an international field and in a surprisingly good mood and atmosphere.