Our 2018 activities in figures

In 2018, our association was faced with unprecedented challenges, but the respect for persistence, humility, and football came to fruition. Initiatives have been realized that we have been planning for several years but have not been able to carry out before. In addition to the regular free training sessions, we have organanized a number of tournaments where we organized the Fair Play Football Roadshow in 2018 in a number of venues, providing space for dialogue and forging positive human relationships between individual social groups that are perceived or in real conflict. According to our experience, those who master the basics of fairplay on the pitch apply them to life, so we were particularly pleased to have the Gyöngyöspata Championship, which we have been dreaming of since 2011.

In addition to domestic championships, we have participated in numerous international championships, of which we are extremely proud of the FIFA Football for Hope festival in Moscow, which is open to only the best teams, so it is a great honor for us to be a member of has been invited.

The specialty of the Protective Sports Association is that besides providing free regular sports and health-conscious lifestyles, the participating players aim to support the lives of participating players through a combination of coaches and social workers, paying attention to individual needs and in many cases difficult conditions, camp, scholarship program, football3 mediator training, English courses, career guidance counseling and job market quality development.

In November 2018, Mexico City hosted homeless national football players from around the world to test their strength and ability for ten days. Hard work and perseverance have borne fruit. More than half of the players heading to the HWC have been preparing for the Mexican World Cup for two years. Five players participated in more than 160 training sessions before the tournament. In the fiesta atmosphere, during the group and then straight relegation matches, eight players from the OSE marched to the bronze medal. In the joint history of the Association and the Homeless World Cup since 2006, this is the best place ever achieved by the teams of the Oltalom Sports Association.