Oltalom Sport Association

Operating in the spirit of fair play, tolerance and social inclusion, Oltalom Sport Association have been using sport as innovative instrument of education for more than 10 years, providing the opportunity for hundreds of people yearly to make the most of themselves both mentally and physically in the regular, free trainings. We use sport to involve athletes, as clients, in other supporting services such as social work, labour market services, further education, and learning English. Regular physical exercise and team-play preserves health, prevents drug-addiction and committing criminal offences, strengthens community, offers goals and renders energy in everyday life thus helping the overall development of our target group. It is our top priority that our athletes play together with various social groups in our own championship and other events.

Planned schedule for 2013

February 2013 from 22 to 23 Fairplay Supervisor and mediator training for a minimum of 4 people.

March 2013 begins the Second Hungarian Fairplay Football Roadshow in Budapest.

The start of the season Fairplay Tournament is in Budapest VIII. district will  be in the sport hall of MTK, an important role in the life of the district organizations and institutions.

March 2013 recruitment in the cooperational educational institutes.

April 6 2013 start of summer training sessions in Budapest on the Margaret Island.

From 6 April 2013 to begin active preparation time, at least 3 trainings a week and the start of the fitness surveys.

from 6 of  April 2013 realising the educational and sport cooperational agreement with the participants

13 April 2013, Fair Play Football Roadshow – Üllő (F3 rules)

11 May 2013 at Fair Play Football Roadshow – in the Penal institution of Balassagyarmat (F3 rules)

7 to 10 June 2013. First TripleR  training camp at Timisoara, Romania

15  June 2013  Fair Play Football Roadshow –  at  Ráckeresztúr (F3 rules)

17 June 2013 Final player selection  to  the European Homeless Cup in Germany

24 to 25 June 2013. European Homeless Cup – Germany, Munich (HWC rules)

25 to 27 June. Football for Hope Forum 2013 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

1 July 2013 Final player selection to the Street Football Cup, Wroclaw

27 July 2013. Fair Play Football Roadshow – Slovakia, Komarno (F3 rules)

29 July 2013  Final player selection to the 2013 Homeless World Cup Poznan

3 to 4 August 2013. Street Soccer Cup Wroclaw – Poland (HWC rules)

5 to 8 August 2013. International training camp in Kargowa/near Poznań

10 to 18 August 2013. Homeless World Cup 2013 in Poland, Poznan with 16 players male and female teams (HWC rules)

31 August 2013 Fair Play Football Roadshow – Balatonkenese (F3 rules)

21 September 2013 Fair Play Football Roadshow – Serbia, Subotica (F3 rules)

19 October 2013 Fair Play Football Roadshow – Romania, Timisoara (F3 rules)

9 December 2013  Fair Play Gala in Budapest. (F3 rules)